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 PUPPIES AVAILABLE  – litter due early December 2017


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Our puppies are bred for soundness and good temperament, so essential for a family companion.

If you are fortunate enough to adopt a Jarrowley puppy, you will have viewed your puppy with the mother and other related Beagles.  He/she will have been health checked and come with Kennel Club Registration, Insurance, microchipped and Contract of Sale.  Fully weaned and wormed etc.,  A Feeding Regime and Breed advice will also be provided.

Before taking your puppy home please take the time to read the following, I hope it will help with the first few months of Beagle ownership!

So you have decided the Beagle is the breed for you. If you are fortunate enough to adopt a Jarrowley Beagle puppy, there are things you need to consider.

Eight weeks of age is the earliest we allow our puppies to go to their new home. At this age you will be taking home a real baby. He will need four meals a day (you will be supplied with a feeding regime), a warm bed and someone around most of the day to see to his needs.

His potty training will have begun, but in a strange environment there may be slip ups. Successful house training takes time and patience so be prepared for mopping up. Some breeders recommend puppy training pads, we prefer giving the puppy the opportunity to go outside at regular intervals until he understands the routine.

We recommend you seek veterinary advice regarding vaccination.  Insurance is also a must. He will need periods of undisturbed sleep. This helps with his development both physically and mentally. This is where a dog crate is most useful. A cosy bed covered over creates a comfortable space for him, particularly if there are children in the household. Exercise should be kept to a minimum at this stage, he will not be able to go out until he has had all his vaccinations, even then just a short walk is sufficient. If he is over stretched he will loose his nice chunky bone structure and become spindly. Wait until he is six months before embarking on those longer walks, the wait will be worth it.

Puppies chew especially when teething. Their adult teeth begin to come through between four and six months. This is the optomen time for chewing. Supply them with good quality chewables from your pet supplies or beef leg bone from the butcher. Never rib, chop, chicken or rabbit bones which are extremely dangerous for dogs.

In the meantime he should be socialised as much as possible. Short journeys in the car to accustom him to travel. Pass the school to meet children and become used to noise. A visit to the pub, garden centre etc., anywhere that gives him a new experience. The more he sees over these early months the more he will be socialised. This includes meeting other dogs. It is important that his first meetings should be with trusted friendly dogs to enable him to be confident in canine company.

Beagles are not known for being obedient, they are single minded when it comes to doing what they want. This must be remembered if you are considering free off lead exercise They may pick up a scent and follow it totally ignoring your calls, they will usually return but in their own time! This may be dangerous in the wrong location and remember you are responsible for any damage they may cause. Having said that some never stray and most will come back for a biscuit! The alternative is to use an extending lead which gives them plenty of scope to sniff about.

Your puppy must learn the house rules. From day one if he is not allowed on the sofa then he must be told then, not allowed upstairs he must be told then and so on. He will soon learn. Child stair gates are ideal to keep him confined to areas suitable for him especially when he is being house trained. But remember he can make no distinction between his toys, your trainers or the television remote which will soon encourage you to be tidy? The few months of puppyhood are brief so enjoy them to the full. Beagle puppies are full of fun and charm. They are also the basis for a well balance adult dog, so invest time and patience in this little puppy, it will be worth the effort.